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Make the Heart of the Home Colorful with JC Licht!

January 13, 2018 2 min read

Make the Heart of the Home Colorful with JC Licht! | JC Licht

A fresh coat of paint helps make your home livelier. There are many moods that can be created using color and contrasts. One commonality is to use paint from Benjamin Moore. The perks to using Benjamin Moore paint include a rich choice of colors and shades, plus products that resist humidity and mildew growth. Vivid colors for entrances, acrylic coatings for ceilings, enamel paints for kitchens, latex-free, and zero-VOC paints are also available.

Best Living Room Paint Colors

Your color palette will vary, depending on the desired feel. Here’s a look at a few options for shaping the mood of your interior environment with painting designs for walls.
  • Elegance: Greens, yellow-greens, and turquoise, or a mix of these, are living room color combinations that make the space light and sophisticated.
  • Neutral: Paint living room walls shades of brown and tan, or muted red and green, to create a calming atmosphere.
  • Subtlety: Cream walls are suited for mixing with various contrasts, including brown floors and blue draperies.
  • Depth: Dark gray, purple, and other deep colors can add darkness, but lighter draperies and furnishings can make a statement.
  • Bright palette: Red and off-white can add style; while red is often not associated with relaxation, the right design and furnishings can make for a classic and lively looking living room.
The most popular living room colors include neutrals such as cream or gray, and others such as shades of blue, green, and brown. There are many Benjamin Moore paint colors to choose from, but there are also many strategies for creating a calming, dynamic, and unique room.

Living Room Painting Techniques

Living Room Painting Techniques

  • Create contrasting colors on the ceiling; cool shades appear to visually heighten low ceilings, while bold or muted shades can create the desired effect.

  • Paint the floor for a bold, modern look; particularly good on concrete floors, this technique lets you create effects such as checkerboard tile, reflective shine, or the subtlety of stone or marble.

  • Textures afford more options than wall painting colors Marbling, stippling, and rag rolling are techniques for achieving the desired texture.

  • Murals can be created out of paint, with any type of color scheme. If wondering how to do wall painting designs yourself, you can draw inspiration from favorite artists or create your own design. There are professionals for hire in this area as well. However, if your thing isn’t wall painting designs, pictures for living room walls can have the same impact.

Best Living Room Paint Colors

When refurbishing a living room, you can start with the paint color itself, but adding the right primer affects the end result, too. You can also select a color based on the types of wallpaper or window treatments selected. Many people draw inspiration from the mood they want to create. A calming effect or one conducive to social conversation are common goals, while bedroom painting ideas tend to reflect a more subtle and relaxing tone.
With JC Licht, Benjamin Moore locations are not a concern, as you can order interior paint right from home. You can also find a store at one of our 35 locations in and around Chicago, request a design consultation online, or call (630) 351-0400 for assistance.

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