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The Best Time for Painting Home Exteriors with Color

October 01, 2019 2 min read

The Best Time for Painting Home Exteriors with Color Near Chicago, Illinois (IL) is Fall

Whether the exterior of your home just needs a touch-up or you bought a new house and hate the color, exterior paint can hold the answer. However, you typically don’t see people outside on a ladder painting their house in the dead of winter, so you may be wondering if there’s a right time to paint the outside of your house. The simple answer is yes! At JC Licht, we believe early fall is the best time to paint your home’s exterior. Read on to learn why!

Consistent Temperatures

Typically, early fall is still warm enough that you can comfortably be outside, but it’s not so hot that you’re going to be putting yourself in danger of heat exhaustion. In the early fall, there typically haven’t been too many temperature changes, and the temperature during the day and at night are pretty similar. This is great for helping paint dry and making sure you don’t end up with uneven finishes or paint clumps that have dried on the brush making their way onto your house.

Lower Humidity

The humidity in the summer can be stifling, which is not only uncomfortable for you trying to paint your house, but it can also prevent the paint from drying properly. Painting in the early fall is a great option because there usually isn’t as much humidity, meaning the paint will dry better and you won’t be as uncomfortable. Additionally, lower humidity means it’s less likely to rain in the fall and ruin all the hard work you’ve done to make your home look amazing. Before you paint, you’ll want to look at the weather report for the next few days and make sure there aren’t any big storms or huge temperature changes coming.

What Kind of Paint Should You Use?

While it may seem like house paint is house paint, that’s not entirely true. Exterior paint needs to be resistant to the elements and highly durable, especially considering the extremes our homes go through in the Windy City. Benjamin Moore has an exquisite line of exterior paints that provide rich, full color and the durability homes in our city need. Several of their paints are also formulated to use fewer coats, so you can spend more time doing things you enjoy.

At JC Licht, we offer the full line of Benjamin Moore paints to help you get both the inside and outside of your home looking amazing. We can even help you decide on the color through our color consultation services. Contact us today to schedule an appointment. We have locations in and around Chicago, and we proudly serve the entire Chicagoland area, Glencoe, and Andersonville, IL.

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