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Deciding Where to Buy Blinds

April 04, 2022 2 min read

Tips on how to decide where to buy blinds from the experts at JC Licht in Chicago, IL

Window blinds are one of the most important finishing touches to your home’s design. Whether aiming for simplistic shades or elevated drapery, window treatments can help bring your space together. There are many options for window treatments themselves, but you have to decide when choosing a vendor. So, where do you buy window blinds, and how do you choose the best company to outfit your home?

Choosing a Store

There are a few different places to buy window treatments. You could visit a big box store, like Lowes, use an online discount store, like Wayfair, or visit a local design store to get more personalized treatment. Each avenue fulfills different needs. Are you looking to find the most cost-effective window treatments, or are you prioritizing an individualized design plan? Take the time to decide what your exact needs are to choose the correct option.

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Buying Local

Going with a local store supports your community’s small businesses and makes the process easier for you. You can stop by the showroom in person, and the vendors will be able to quickly call on your home when it comes time to measure and install your new window treatments.

Additionally, buying from a local vendor also means that they know about your area’s environment, which can significantly impact your window treatment needs. For example, if you live in a humid area, your local vendors will understand how to choose blinds that withstand the humidity without warping. Locals know the ins and outs of your community, which means they will understand the ins and outs of your home as well.

Finding the Right Fit

We all want the best, especially when people come to work on your home. Before even stepping foot in a store, do your research on the company. Look at their previous work and their online reviews. Some positive things to look for in the reviews are mentions of professionalism, skill level, and timeliness. This is a company you’ll be inviting into your home, so it’s important to know that you can trust them!

Regardless of whether you have a strict timeline, you will want to know how long a project will take. Ask your potential vendor what their timeline usually looks like for a complete installation. They should also let you know how often to expect on-site technician visits. You‘ll be able to plan instead of feeling surprised when it’s time for the next home consultation.

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Making the Decision

Deciding where to buy blinds may feel like a daunting task, but if you plan it out, you’ll be sure to end up with a company you love. With Chicago’s wonderful vendors, you’re sure to find someone that fits all your needs, and you can always count on JC Licht to Make it Happen! JC Licht is the preferred provider of window blinds and Hunter Douglas products for the Midwest and Chicagoland. Contact us today!

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