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How to Clean Blinds and Shades

April 18, 2019 2 min read

Tips on how to Clean Blinds and Shades from JC Licht

Got spring cleaning on the brain? 

Hunter Douglas’ window treatments require minimal care and maintenance, but there are simple tips and concepts to keep in mind to avoid damage.

Read on to keep your window treatments looking new for years!

General Best Practices

When cleaning window treatments, two main concepts are helpful to keep in mind:

1. Clean horizontal window treatments from the top of the window down because the excess dust will fall down with gravity.

2. Wipe horizontal slats from side to side and vertical slats from top to bottom.

Keep these best practices in mind with each of the top four cleaning methods outlined below: 


Gently vacuum window treatments along slats using the vacuum cleaner’s brush attachment. 

Do not use a brush attachment with Hunter Douglas’ Luminette® Privacy Sheers or Vignette® Modern Roman Shades Leela fabric.


A light, regular dusting is all that’s required to maintain a like-new appearance for most Hunter Douglas window treatments.

Wipe vertical slats from top to bottom to prevent them from unhooking from the top. 

Hunter Douglas Vertical Solutions with PermaTilt

Hunter Douglas Vertical Solutions with PermaTilt®. Fabric/Material: Afton.


Safely remove dust using a hair dryer on a non-heat setting or a can of compressed air. 

Spot Cleaning

Use a mild non-abrasive detergent free of additives to spot clean window treatment fabrics. Apply the detergent with a gentle blotting motion to prevent damaging the fabric and to prevent creases from forming. Rubbing can cause irreparable damage to the fabric.

Some window treatments should not be spot cleaned, such as Hunter Douglas’ Alustra®, Pirouette®Silhouette® as well as some Honeycomb and Sonnette™ styles. Alternatively, Aluminum blinds can be cleaned with an over-the-counter blind cleaner and a soft cloth. Always refer to Hunter Douglas’ Care and Cleaning brochure for product-specific instructions.

Hunter Douglas Vignette®
Hunter Douglas Vignette® Stacking Style with UltraGlide®. Fabric/Material: Marrakesh, Color: Medina.

Cleaning and maintenance can be a breeze when keeping these simple principles in mind. If you’re not sure how to care for the window treatments you currently own, consult the cleaning instructions they came with or visit the Hunter Douglas website. All Hunter Douglas product-specific care and cleaning guidelines can be found on the Manuals tab at

Some Hunter Douglas fabrics are treated to repel dirt and dust. For example, Modern Precious Metals® aluminum horizontal blinds are treated with DustShield™, an anti-static paint additive that inhibits dust build up. 

To compare the maintenance requirements of window treatment styles you are interested in purchasing, consult an expert! Click on the blue button below to schedule your FREE in-home consultation today:

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