Romabio Masonry Textured Paint

  • A beautiful, permanent flat finish with aggregate that will create a slight texture on smooth brick and a smoother finish on rough brick.High-performing mineral paint made for extreme durability for interior or exterior masonry. Breathable coating that calcifies to the masonry surface allowing moisture to release.
  • Backed by a 20 year warranty when applied properly and will not chip, peel or flake off.
  • 2 coats, no additional primer for absorbent, unpainted brick and stone.
  • Prep and paint in the same day as masonry surface must dampen prior to application. Concentrated product must be diluted 20-30% with water. Instructions on back label. Easy to apply with brush, roller or an aggregate sprayer. Dry time is 4-8 hours. Touch ups can be done at any time. Easy clean up with soap and water.
  • Extremely high-UV resistance for less color fade and naturally mold-resistant.
  • Hand crafted in Italy using 2,000 year old techniques and modern technology for a revolutionary product.
  • Cradle to Cradle Certified, HPD, and A+ French VOC emissions, Romabio backs its marketing claims with 3rd party testing.